1. Life Time Exchange
  • We invite the exchange of jewellery at any given point of time against gold purchased from any of our showrooms.
  • Exchange of products is limited to gold and diamond ornaments purchased from any of our showrooms or online.
  • Exchange is unavailable against gemstones [except diamonds] and silver ornaments.
  • Exchanges are subject to our verification policy.
  • Exchanges require the customer to produce the original tax invoice which allows us to credit the full value of the tax invoice after deducting the associated Making charges and taxes.
2. Buy-back
  • We buy-back all jewellery save and except gemstones [except diamonds] and silver.
  • Buy-back requires the production of the original tax invoice against which the jewellery was purchased.
  • Buy-back is available at all stores and customers are encouraged to enquire with individual stores for further information.
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